So you are looking around and thinking that your summer 2020 is wrecked? What are the Top 10 Things in the Hudson Valley that you can do right now to try to regain some feelings of summer fun? Make sure to check them off, and it doesn't matter which order you do it in.

  1. Get a hot dog from one of the many local (owner-operated) hot dog carts. There are a bunch. There is the guy on 32 before you get into Rosendale. The cart near the Optimum office in Wappingers or Carols on St Andrews Rd in Hyde Park (just to name a few)
  2. Visit a Hudson Valley Winery for a wine tasting. Your tasting will need to be by appointment so check in advance with the winery you'd like to visit and be prepared for it to be outside, but sip, sample and repeat with great local wines, like Benmarl, Warwick or Millbrook.
  3. Visit the Walkway over the Hudson and give dirty looks to everyone who is not wearing a mask or picking up their dogs droppings.
  4. Oh, wait for it!!! Walk around the MALL! Yep, certain Hudson Valley Malls are re-opening on July 9, 2020. So just put on the comfy shoes and keep on walking.
  5. Take in a Drive-in movie. The Drive-In in Hyde Park, for instance is showing old movies on the big screen. Arrange with your friends to meet them there, bring your coolers, some food, your lawn chairs, relax and have fun and oh yeah, maybe even watch the movie.
  6. Pick up take-out from your favorite place and then eat it in one of the many Hudson Valley parks or historical estates, socially distant of course.
  7. Get ice cream from one of the many great ice cream places through out the Hudson Valley. How about trying the one you pass all the time, but never make the time to stop and try. Then let me know how it is so I can add it to my personal ice cream must try list.
  8. Go check out a farmers market in a town different from yours. They might have a better selection of items, or it might make you appreciate the one you go to even more.
  9. Try one of the many great locally brewed craft beers. There are so many different ones, different flavors and different styles. Plus you are supporting local business while you do it.
  10. Get yourself invited to spend some time at your neighbors pool. I am not suggesting you just glom-onto them, maybe you make a trade, you help them with something and in exchange you get to chill at the pool?

What else should we add to our list? Let us know. Keep in mind that we might not get back to you, because we are going to be busy repeatedly repeating items 1-10.

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