Many of us woke up Friday morning to snow falling in our front yards. Obviously, it isn't the first time we have had snow in October. Facebook has been doing a great job of sending me my pictures from 2011 when some of in the Hudson Valley got almost a foot of snow for Halloween.

What I enjoyed about today's weather was it gave me a reason to spend 5 more minutes in bed with my cup of coffee because lets face it no one was going to have to shovel their way out. However, it did occur to me on the way to the station today that I do need to find my snow brush and put it in the car.

In my mind the snow today gave us a moment to think about things other than elections, COVID and what to do about trick or treating this weekend. The snow was a nice pause from the frantic pace we have all been going at lately. To bad it couldn't have lasted just a little longer.

As soon as I left the ridge this morning I noticed that not everyone got snow. As a matter of fact it seemed as if the snow picked an elevation to land on. Granted the snow wasn't going to stick around with the ground so warm, but I did find it really amazing how the line between winter and fall was so distinct on my way to work. Then later today I found this great photo. I think it tells the story of today's snow the best. No need for words. Thanks Tender Land Home for sharing your view of today's snow.



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