A brand-new report discovered the 35 "poorest" places in New York State.

Our friends over at 24/7 Wall Street released a list that highlights the 35 "Poorest Counties in New York."

The 35 Poorest Counties in New York State


Is your county on the list? What's number 1? See the full list below and how the list was formed.

Also, at the bottom of this article, you can discover the best counties to live in New York.

The 35 Poorest Counties in New York State

Our friends at 27/7 WallSt have done it again. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey, the website identified the 35 poorest counties in New York State.

Data included poverty levels, unemployment numbers, overall population, and median household incomes. Can you guess which county came in at #1?

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How List Was Crafted

New York State households have a median income of $81,836. However many parts of the state earn much less than the median household income.

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24/7 Wall Street used five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey to rank counties in New York. The website also used population, poverty, and unemployment data to form the list.

Sullivan County, New York Makes List


Sullivan County was the only county in the Hudson Valley to make the list.

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Nearly 15 percent of Sullivan County live below the poverty rate.

Bronx Tops List


Bronx County, with a median household income of $47,036 is the poorest county in New York, according to 24/7 Wall Street.

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