There are so many things that cause us anxiety during winter weather. The idea of more snow or even ice like earlier this week can cause all kinds of worry. Having to travel or plan your week when you aren't sure what the roads are going to be like can cause a level of stress worthy of a week of somewhere warm and sunny. But there is one thing that gets to me more than anything Mother Nature could throw at us.

I hate the waffle shaped dirt and snow that winter boots leave tracked everywhere. Yes, that's right, more than anything, I hate the footprints left all over the carpets, the linoleum and the hardwood floors. The perfect shaped clumps of mud and snow shaped like the trend in your favorite winter boots drives me nuts.

One might say I am fixated on something small because the rest of it is out of my control. Sure, fine go with that, but truth be told it bothers me because it is so hard to clean up and so easy to avoid. I realize that banging off your boots can be a bit of an effort especially if the snow is piled up all the way to the door. But if that's the case why not just leave your boots at the door. Yes, that's what I do.

The winter boot waffle wafers as I call them, that get left all over the house, are definitely something that I can live without during this next round of winter weather we will be getting. It could also be that my real issue with them is I am the one that always takes my boots off at the door which means I am the one whose socks get wet stepping on them. Let's just call this my biggest winter pet-peeve.



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