The "best party cities" in America are just a few miles from New York State.

The gambling and sports betting website recently ranked the "Best Party Cities in the US."

New York State Isn't Home To Any OF The Best Party Cities

Empire State Development
Empire State

Somehow, no place in New York State made the top 10.

"Do you ever feel like you’re having an awesome night out but then it ends before it even begins? Have you ever stood in line to a club or bar so long that you have just given up? We researched the best party cities in the United States based on different factors and compared them to the population of each destination to determine where you should head next," Bonus Finder states.

New York City was ranked 101 out of 101!

But have no fear, you won't have to travel far to enjoy some of the "Best Party Cities in the US."

Best Party Cities Near New York State

Stylized green sketch map of New Jersey

Two New Jersey cities made the top three of the new list, including the top spot.

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Atlantic City Is The Best Party City In America

The site compared 101 US cities with categories including the number of bars and nightclubs, average hotel price, and late-night food. Music venues and other live entertainment features also played a factor.

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Hoboken, New Jersey Ranks Third


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Miami Beach, Florida was the number two party destination with Key West, Florida taking fourth. and Miami, Florida fifth.

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