This summer in the Hudson Valley has been hot, hot, hot! Thankfully, I thrive in the warmer months with plenty of sunshine, an abundance of flowers and fresh-cut grass, and a return of fun outdoor activities.

While some Hudson Valley residents have been finding ways to cool off, others are looking for new ideas that are also fun and equally refreshing! 

Recently, a Hudson Valley beach closed due to "River Water Quality" but there are plenty of other options for cooling off in our area.

Ways to Beat the Heat in the Hudson Valley

Those who are interested can visit the largest tidal swamp in the Hudson Valley, take a scenic cruise on the beautiful Hudson, or spend time inside, shopping at local businesses and ending the day with ice cream!

6 Places To Cool Off With Summer Mocktails In The Hudson Valley

The most refreshing way to take a break from the heat and find relaxation may be at your local tea shop or locally owned restaurant, sip sip hooray!

Where is your favorite spot in the Hudson Valley to cool and sip on mocktails? Share with us below, stay cool!

4 Hudson Valley Restaurants With the Best Outdoor Dining Experience

Throughout the Hudson Valley, there are plenty of hotspots to sit back, relax and sip on your favorite drink while enjoying a tasty meal for an outdoor dining experience.

Let's take a look at some fan favorites.

Eat Your Way Through The Hudson Valley With The Best Ice Cream

I have always enjoyed stopping by my favorite local ice cream shops and choosing a new flavor. Whether it's a hot fudge sundae, chocolate peanut butter ice cream in a cone, or an ice cream sandwich, count me in.

The Hudson Valley has strange ice cream flavors. From lemon poppyseed to thai iced tea and barn boots, there aren't any boring flavors in our area.

A 'Premiere' Hudson Valley treat shop was expanding their space during the winter months to prepare for a busy summer season.

Thankfully, we have a large selection of local ice cream shops to visit in the Hudson Valley.

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