The story of a Hudson Valley resident’s disappearance and death is coming to Netflix.

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Shannan Gilbert of Ulster County was 24 when she was last seen in 2010. The Ellenville High School graduate was a prostitute working on Long Island before she disappeared. She called 911 from a client's home and said someone was trying to kill her. She was last seen in 2010 screaming as she fled a customer's home on Long Island.

For nearly two years, her mother, Mari Gilbert, pressured authorities to investigate her daughter's disappearance.

On Dec. 13, 2011, Shannan Gilbert's body was found about a half-mile where she was last seen, NBC reports. The investigation into Gilbert's disappearance led police to find the remains of 10 others. Many of the remains belonged to other missing prostitutes.

Police said all the victims were murdered.

The story of Gilbert's death and the discovery of the other dead sex workers was told in the movie Lost Girls based on a book with the same name.

The film focuses on the true story of Mari Gilbert, played by Amy Ryan, as she begins to investigate her daughter's disappearance due to police inaction, according to IMBD.

The movie premiered last week at the Sundance Film Festival. It will stream on Netflix on March 13.

Mari Gilbert was murdered by her daughter, Sarra Gilbert, in Ellenville in 2016. Sarra stabbed her mother over 200 times. She was sentenced in 2017 to 25 years to life in prison.

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