The penalties for passing a stopped school bus in the Hudson Valley could increase. This change comes after a child was hit by a car after getting off his school bus in Orange County.

The New York State Senate passed a bill that will increase penalties for passing a stopped school bus.

The bill will add a 60-day suspension of an individual’s driver’s license when that person is convicted at least twice for passing a stopped school bus within a 10-year period, officials say.

“This bill is intended to make our roads safer for our school children,” State Sen. John J. Bonacic said a press release. “Anyone who puts the lives of our school children in jeopardy should be punished accordingly. I urge my colleagues in the Assembly to bring this bill to the floor and pass it so we can ensure that our kids are safe when they leave for school.”

Under the current law, a person’s license is suspended for 60 days if they are caught speeding in a construction zone but does not provide the same penalty for passing a stopped school bus two or more times.

The bill will now be voted on by the Assembly.

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