And the crowd goes wild - for ice cream, and for saving money on ice cream, of course.

If there's something the Hudson Valley is particularly good at, it's serving up some of the tastiest ice cream, and better yet, some sweet savings when it comes to getting your ice cream fix.  Once again, a popular Hudson Valley staple, and not just for ice cream either, is giving us the opportunity to save a buck on ice cream this summer, and beyond.

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Stewart's Kids In Uniforms Deal

Stewart's, with plenty of locations around the Hudson Valley, is once again offering our kiddos in uniform the opportunity to save on ice cream.  Already underway, kids in uniform are able to order anything from the 'cone counter' at Stewart's Shops and receive $1 off.  Now, according to the official statement from Stewart's, this is NOT a limited time promotion or offer, this discount is here to stay.  Plus, it isn't just limited to sports uniforms, the $1 off discount applies to sports jerseys, concert attire, and even club apparel.

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What Items Does the $1 Discount Include?

As mentioned, any full priced item purchased at the cone counter qualifies for the $1 off discount - so hand packed pints of ice cream, make your own sundae, hot fudge sundaes, brownie sundaes,, milkshakes, ice cream cones of varying scoop sizes and even banana splits.  So now the question is, how many visits is too many visits to the cone counter - and I think the answer is that there's never too many!

I don't know about your kids, but my daughter and her soccer teammates were always begging to get ice cream after a game, so this is even a good way to bring the whole gang out for a treat while not breaking the bank!

Stewart's Community Contributions

In their announcement about the $1 off discount for kids in uniform, Stewart's also announced that they plan to donate $1.2 million to various organizations that provide recreation activities to children.  No surprise there, Stewart's is constantly giving back to local communities, remember the Holiday Match Program's success this past year?

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