We are quickly approaching one of the main reasons to celebrate during the month of March. Yes, we have the official start of spring or the spring equinox that happens on Sunday, March 20th, Pi Day, but the main event, St. Patrick's Day, that's when the real celebrations happen, right?

Green beer!  Corned beef and cabbage! Green bagels!  Irish soda bread!  Pints of Guinness!  Ice cream?! 

Stewart's St. Patrick's Day Special

In honor of St. Patty's this Thursday, Stewart's Shops will let you get lucky with a sweet treat at a pretty sweet price.  Everyone can enjoy a 99¢ single scoop ice cream at Stewart's Shops all day on Thursday, March 17!  The full 'scoop' (see what we did there) about the deal they'll be serving up this St. Patrick's Day can be found here.

Now the big decision is which of their ice cream flavors you'll be picking for your scoop on Thursday.  You know this is a pretty big decision on an average trip to Stewart's, so with the added pressure of celebrating the holiday, there's a lot that goes into this.   Do you go green to get in the full St. Patty's spirit?  I mean, the mint cookie crumble is an obvious choice for the occasion, or do you go a bit rogue and try one of their flavors of the week like cotton candy?

How does that saying go, everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day?

You don't even have to prove it (this Italian girl is thankful for that) to get your discounted scoop and celebrate at Stewart's this week.  Happy St. Patrick's Day, now let's go get ice cream!

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