When it comes to living in New York does loving to argue with others just come with the territory?

Is it me or does it seem like most people from New York just have a short fuse? I know it seems like I'm not saying that in a negative way but I assure you I'm not. In any other state it could be negative but in the state of New York it is almost like a badge of honor.

Being someone who's not from New York I was a bit taken back when I first heard the attitude. If you think this attitude is a myth you should know that we now have statistical proof that New Yorkers not only argue but they actually make a point to make it a hobby.

Zippia shared the most frequent things listed as additional interests on a job applicant's resume from state to state. Surprisingly, New York's most common additional interest was arguing. Are you as shocked as I am? Though I'm not surprised that this is a popular past time I must say I'm very shocked to learn that people would actually be comfortable locking that information down on paper an then give that same information to a future employer.

I'm not sure what you usually put on your resume under "interests" but I usually put down that I like to exercise.

Do New Yorkers just love to have verbal confrontations more than people in other states? If you hadn't noticed in a busy parking lot before you can probably find the truth on a job application.

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