Which university in the Hudson Valley costs the most to attend? The answer might surprise you.

Whether you're a young adult right out of high school or you're older with a little more time on your hands now might be the time that you're looking to further your education, gain some new knowledge and possibly learn some new skills. Unless you're extremely wealthy when does money not have a factor in decisions like this. Sometimes continuing your education is a crucial part of your success but it certainly isn't cheap. Some colleges in the Hudson Valley are more inexpensive than others.

Have you ever wondered just how much it costs to attend a semester of college in the Hudson Valley? We've compiled a list of schools and ranked them by their cost of tuition per semester for New York residents according to each universities website. These estimated prices are just based on a semester of classes and do not reflect other services like books, food or room and board.


HV Colleges Ranked From Cheapest Tuition to Most Expensive





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