A very popular specialty grocer is opening its biggest New York location in the Hudson Valley in the very near future! This will be the company's closest store to the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace is preparing to open a new location in Yorktown, New York. Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace is expected to open up in August in Yorktown Green.

Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace Opening New Location in Hudson Valley, New York


“After a tour of the new store earlier this week, I was very impressed with the amenities and quality of the food service that Uncle Giuseppe’s will provide,” Supervisor Matt Slater said. “I’m certain that this store will become a regional destination once word spreads about its fantastic range of products and services, including a fresh pasta station.”

Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace is an Italian American specialty grocer that was founded in 1998 in East Meadow, New York.

The new Westchester County location will open up at 329 Downing Drive in Yorktown Heights. Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace is renovating a 45,000-square-foot supermarket that sat empty for more than 10 years until the specialty grocer started renovations in January.


"It’s great to see this retail space filled by a grocery store that has a big following in our area. I’m happy to see new life come to Yorktown Green,” Councilman Tom Diana said.

Long Island-based company To Open Biggest New York Store in Yorktown, Westchester County, New York

The new location at the Yorktown Green shopping center will be the Long Island-based company’s largest store in New York, officials say.

Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace used to have a location in the Turco’s Shopping Center but officials say the business has outgrown that location.


"The new and much larger location will be open in a few weeks. Pasta station, mozzarella making and a beer cave are just a few of the new amenities," Slater added. This will be their largest store in New York!

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Uncle Giuseppe’s will shortly after the brand-new Trader Joe’s in Yorktown. An opening date for the closest New York Trader Joe's location to the Mid-Hudson Valley was just announced. CLICK HERE to find out when it will open.

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