Stewart's Shops wanted to see just how creative the Hudson Valley can be and I think they were pleasantly surprised.

One of Upstate New York's most favorite convenient stores recently had a contest looking for a song or poem about your experience there. Entrants were encouraged to submit a poem or song about Stewart's Shops. They finally announced their winner.

Who doesn't enjoy going to your local Stewart's Shops? Whether you're on the go or want to grab some of their delicious ice cream they really do have something for almost everyone.

This is the song that was submitted and chosen at the winner. We have to give a huge congratulations to the Mailly familyCheck it out. It's called Mint Cookie Crumble. This is one talented family.

Did you know that Stewart's Shops had a song/ poem contest? Maybe now you can start working on a song and enter it when the contest comes back.

Here is my song about Stewart's Shops. Do you think i could have won?

Let me tell you 'bout a place I know, Where the ice cream always steals the show.


It's Stewart's Shops, the creamery of dreams, Scooping up flavors and making me scream.


From chocolate fudge to mint cookie crumble.

If you step in my way we might have to rumble.

Okay so I don't have a full song. Consider it a work in progress but I think I am off to a great start. There's always next year. Until then we can enjoy thr song by the current champions.

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