A number of movie theaters in the Hudson Valley are shutting down, again.

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Regal Cinemas announced it's closing all New York locations on Thursday.

"In line with our previously announced strategy, Regal is temporarily suspending operations end of day Thursday at the remainder of our theatres in New York State and California until the public health and operational environment allows for the resumption of a full release slate. This change affects a very limited number of our theatres, which we had kept open following the delayed approval of theatre reopenings in their markets and in line with our wish to allow more of our customers to see Tenet on the big screen," Regal said in a statement to Fox Business.

Regal which claims its theaters are "The Best Place to Watch a Movie" has Hudson Valley locations in Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, Nanuet and Mohegan Lake.

In mid-October, the company temporarily suspended operations at all of its 536 theatres in the U.S. The company said the move was "in response to an increasingly challenging theatrical landscape and sustained key market closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Shortly after, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave New York theaters the green light to reopen. The state's guidelines only allow theaters to re-open at 25-percent capacity or 50 people in each theater and require people to wear masks in hallways and bathrooms.

Fox Business reports Regal's decision to close its New York theaters again is the same reason it shut down all theaters last month. There aren't enough new releases to bring large audiences to the theater.

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