Get Ready. Snow could fall for 36 hours! Leading to "treacherous" travel. Here's the lastest forecast and timing.

Most of the Hudson Valley is forecast to receive around one foot of snow. Other parts of the region could end up with around two feet!

Hudson Valley Weather is out with it's forecast for the latest snow storm.

Timing For Snow Across Hudson Valley, Upstate New York

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Light snow mixed with rain is expected to start falling between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday. Snow will intensify between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday.

Snow will taper off between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Hudson Valley Residents Should Avoid Travel

Snow could fall for over 36 hours with heavy snow rates of over 2 inches of snow per hour.


Wind gusts of 25 mph to 40 mph is expected at times, which could cause drifting snow and low visibilities.

"The combination of winds gusting 20-40 MPH with extremely high snowfall rates will lead to treacherous to impossible travel in the hardest impacted parts of the region. The combination of this being a long duration event with snow possibly not tapering off until early Wednesday, and this being a heavy wet snowfall, combined with gusty winds, will lead to significant to severe impacts to travel a commerce," Hudson Valley Weather states.

Snow Fall Predictions For Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Weather notes this forecast is on the "conservative" side because "some data suggests" their prediction is "underdone."

Street under snow
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"As of now, north of i84 and away from the valley floor west of the river on the eastern facing slopes of the higher terrain, confidence is highest for 18”+. As stated above, if the dynamics all align, parts of the Catskills may exceed 24” of snowfall," Hudson Valley Weather said.

Eastern Catskills: 12 to 24 inches +

Upper & Mid Hudson Valley: 8 to 16 inches +

Western Catskills & Lower HV: 6 to 12 inches

Extreme Lower Hudson Valley: 2 to 6 inches

"This is going to be a very complex situation as it develops," Hudson Valley Weather states. "Our current snow-map is reserved and blended with multiple model data and ensemble data, it is strong enough to highlight the need for preparation, but cautious with the knowledge that there are some things that can and will alter the outcome of this storm."

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