Never in our "Wildest Dreams" did we think Taylor Swift would inspire a condiment that New York State residents hope to call "Mine!"

Do you want to get your hands on a Taylor Swift-inspired condiment?

Taylor Swift Breaks Internet

Taylor Swift May Appear At MetLife Stadium.

There are now rumors that Swift will also be at the Chief's game against the New York Jets on Sunday, Oct. 1.

After those rumors started, StubHub reports they've seen ticket sales for the game have nearly tripled.

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Taylor Swift-Inspired Condiment

Kraft Heinz
Kraft Heinz

During the Chiefs game last Sunday, a photo went viral of Swift eating chicken tenders. A photo shows Swift with a plate that featured one chicken strip, ketchup and "seemingly ranch.

"Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!," a Swift fan account wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

That photo has inspired a new ketchup. The Kraft Heinz Company is creating a new, limited-time condiment called "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch."

"It’s a new Era for Heinz. Introducing Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. Limited-edition bottles coming soon. #SeeminglyRanch #ItHasToBeHeinz," Heinz wrote on Instagram.

Heinz told Fox Business the company is releasing 100 bottles of "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch."

Why 100 Bottles

If you're wondering, 100 is Kelce's jersey number, 87, plus Swift's favorite number, 13. How cute.

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
Getty Images

"We know Heinz fans have an irrational love for the brand, and Swifties will do anything for their Pop Icon, so it only made sense to blend the two together!," Heinz said.

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Kraft Heinz
Kraft Heinz


The company says on Instagram they will announce how you can get your hands on this condiment in the near future.

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