Scenic Hudson has acquired more than 30 acres of Orange County riverfront property that is intended for future use as a free public park. Located in Highland Falls, the new acquisition is within a 10-minute walk from the U.S. Military Academy and more than 2,500 Hudson Valley residents.

According to Scenic Hudson President Ned Sullivan in a recent press release, 'protecting this outstanding landscape has been a Scenic Hudson priority for a decade, both to meet local needs for a place to connect with the Hudson Highlands’ majesty and wildlife and to assure it will continue contributing to the natural splendor that attracts so many visitors to this region.'

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The recent transaction leaves 3.5 acres of property in private hands along Route 218 which could be used for commercial development subject to local zoning regulations. With 2,000 feet of riverfront property included, Scenic Hudson will work with the Town of Highland Falls to turn the land into a park that all local residents can enjoy.

The transaction was supervised by Scenic Hudson Senior Land Project Manager Emily Hague with funds from the Lila Acheson and DeWitt Wallace Hudson Valley Land Preservation Endowment as well as generous donations from supporters of Scenic Hudson.

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