Patrons were seen peering in the windows of The Tilted Kilt in Poughkeepsie on Saturday afternoon, only to walk away in disappointment after learning that the restaurant was no longer in business.

A sign in the window reads "Due to the economic downturn, we are closing the pub permanently as of May 11th, 2018." It's not clear what economic downturn the restaurant is referring to, since the economy has been on the upturn over the past two years.  Many Americans report finding more money in their paychecks and polls suggest consumers are feeling a stronger sense of job security.

A. Boris

The Tilted Kilt is what some  industry insiders refer to as a "breasturant."  Relying on scantily clad female servers to lure in mostly middle aged men, these restaurants have seen a steady decline in revenue over the past few years. Many have been worried about the future of establishments such as Hooters and Tilted Kilt in the wake of the current "Me Too" movement. Industry professionals are now questioning whether it's appropriate to focus their business around the sexualization their servers. Some chains have recently been sued by their employees who claim they've been subject to sexual harassment.

A. Boris

Three years ago Bugaboo Creek also closed their doors at the same location. It's unclear if another restaurant will decide to try their luck at the location on Route 9 right in front of the Poughkeepsie Galleria.

The only Tilted Kilt left in New York State is now located in Farmingdale.

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