Maybe one of the things you have been doing the last few months is going through the basement and the garage and finding all of the things you want to finally get rid of.

Does the "things you want to get rid of" also include a refrigerator, freezer and those window air conditioners?  In the past, Central Hudson has offered financial incentives for you to recycle those old window units. While they are no longer giving you money in exchange for those old units, they will take them off your hands and recycle them. Wait for it there is a 'small catch.'

Central Hudson will take the window unit a/c's when they are already coming to pick up a refrigerator or freezer that they will recycle for you. That fridge or freezer could be worth a few dollars, 100 of them in fact. For more details about Central Hudson's recycling program and how you can get these items picked up, at no charge to you, click here. 

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