Is it a surprise to anyone that people who are looking to make a buck, often at the expense of people who really can't afford it, will continue to prey upon those who are less fortunate? The New York State Attorney General wants to remind all NY consumers that you have rights.

With the storms of the last few days, or the heat from the days before, or pretty much at any time of the year there is a reason to try to scam people out of their hard-earned money, by people just trying to take advantage of a situation. If you think that you have been price gouged, what can you legally do about it?

What can you legally do about price gouging in New York State?

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If you think that there is a business who is purposely overcharging or inflating their prices, just to take advantage of other people and to try and get your money, what can you do? The New York State Attorney General's Office (NYS AG) wants to know! The NYS AG can file legal action against the business. 

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What do you need to do to report the price gouging to the NYS AG?

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If you think you are being price gouged, report it to the NYS AG. They will also need to have the following information with your complaint:

  • Report the specific increased prices, dates, and places that they saw the increased prices; and,
  • Provide copies of their sales receipts and photos of the advertised prices, if available

What prices have you recently seen 'drastically increase' for no apparent reason, after the recent storms?

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If you need to file a consumer complaint, you can do so with the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau online or by calling (800) 771-7755.

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