Nothing says Hudson Valley winter quite like driving around with your top down, right?

The Hudson Valley got smoked with about 4 to 8 inches of snow and ice on Friday, February 25th, but that didn't stop one Hudson Valley car enthusiast from hitting the road in style.

A video shared by Bob Peters on Facebook went viral early Friday morning of a Hudson Valley man driving a red Mazda Miata with the top the thick of a snow storm. Peters tells us the video was taken on Route 32 in the Kingston area in Ulster County.

Watch the video below, but just a warning NSFW or to play around young ears:

While scrolling on Facebook I came across another post by Mark Wertheim taking credit for being "that guy." Mark wrote "I'm apparently going viral." Indeed you are, Mark. So we had to know "why were you whipping around town with the top down in the middle of a snow storm?" Mark told us:

I drive with the top down every day it's not raining! Why not, right?

We can't argue with that logic.

Wertheim also shared that he's had the car for 5 years and when he's not driving around with the top down during a snow storm, he's racing his car locally at Hudson Valley tracks. He also sent us a picture of his car in the warm sun:

Mark Wertheim
Mark Wertheim

The video has since been given the TikTok treatment by Peters:


And it looks like Mark's significant other responded to Peters TikTok about how...proud she was of her partner:

Thankfully, it seems Mark made it into work safely on Friday without any damage to his car.

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