We round out 2022 with one of the more bizarre stories of the year.

*** This is NOT to be confused with a somewhat similar story out of Cheektowaga, where a man saved 24 people by breaking into Pine Hill Primary Center, and setting up shelter during the storm. ***

Parts of New York state were absolutely crippled by what meteorologists are calling a "historic" blizzard over the Christmas holiday. We've heard some of the harrowing stories of motorists in Buffalo left stranded out in the elements, and forced to take refuge in businesses such as Target just to survive.

Stuck in Snowstorm 

Watertown was also hit hard by the storm, with CNN saying the city picked up 41.1 inches of snow in just three day. CBS says one 35-year-old man got his SUV stuck in the snow while the blizzard hit. But according to deputies, his solution meant breaking into nearby General Brown High School with a crowbar and making himself at home for the next two days.

New York State Man Breaks Into School 

WWNY says the suspect decided to enjoy his accommodations, as he snacked on burgers and chicken tenders from the concession stand, used the home economics room to cook, and got his exercise by shooting some hoops in the closed school's gymnasium.

Sounds like quite the resort.

Jetta Productions
Jetta Productions

While hiding from a deadly blizzard inside the school may have been understandable, this is where the story goes south. WWNY says that by Monday, the suspect went to try to get his SUV out of the snowbank but found it was gone. Investigators said the man called dispatchers but was told his truck was towed.

Police said he went back inside the school and made himself comfortable for another night.

Police Say Man Steals Truck and Tries Burglarizing Local Business 

By Tuesday morning, offcials says the man stole a truck with a plow from the school, and then took it to a local store, where he backed it into the store’s overhead door to get inside. WWNY says that a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy responded to the store’s alarm and allegedly found the man attempting to make off with around $8,500 worth of items.

Police said the suspect was planning on taking a rife as well as hunting, trapping, camping, and fishing gear. Police arrested the man and charged hime with a number of crimes, including Third-degree grand larceny and Third-degree criminal mischief.


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