The best spot for hot dogs in the entire country is located in New York State!

The website Cheapism recently highlighted the "19 Regional Hot Dog Styles Across America You Have to Try."

The website points out that many areas across the country have "reinvented" the hot dog, like in Philly where they pair hot dogs with a fish cake, or reindeer hot dogs in Alaska and a tropical twist from Hawaii with Hawiann buns and pineapple.

Cheapism highlights the "New York Dog."

New York Dog Among Best In America

Hot Dogs
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"No hot dog list is complete without mentioning New York," Cheapism states.

The New York dog features steamed onions and yellow mustard with either sauerkraut or relish, according to Cheapism.

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Cheapism says you can find these hot dogs, and other great varieties, "on most busy street corners."

Billy's Hot Dog Cart Named America's Best


If you're looking for a great spot to feast on a New York Do, Billy's Hot Dog Cart on the Upper West Side is recommended. It's the only hot dog car with 5 stars on both Google and Yelp, according to Food Porn.

"Hands down the best hotdog I've ever eaten in my life. No joke," one person wrote on Yelp. "I've tried Nathan's, papaya, other hotdog carts around Central Park, and they've never been as good as this."

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In fact, Billy's Hot Dog Cart was recently named by Google as the number-one hot dog spot in the United States.


Billy's Hot Dog Cart is located at 327 Central Park W #63, New York, NY, according to Google Maps.

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