Uptown Kingston, New York is known for it's history, and one location uptown is celebrating it's 100 anniversary this year and just got the best anniversary gift ever. A possible $18 million in upgrades!

Dietz stadium in Kingston has been home to many sporting events over it's 100 year history, from Kingston High School football games, Color Guard competitions, charity events, professional soccer matches to name just a few.

The stadium itself has seen better days, and according to the City of Kingston's Facebook page, plans to renovate the stadium are being put in motion. Kingston Mayor Steve Noble, Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan, Kingston School District Superintendent Dr. Paul Padalino and members of the Common Council and School Board announced at a press conference that a partnership with the Kingston City School District will be moving forward on completing the Dietz Stadium Master Plan.

Dietz Stadium Master Plan

The Dietz Stadium Master Plan includes:

New Scoreboard
Grandstand Repairs and Upgrades
Electrical Upgrades
Toilet Room/Locker Room Upgrades
Gateway Improvements
Press Box Renovation
Pre-Fabricated Compostable Toilet Building
New Concession Stand
Track Resurface and Turf Field Replacement
Relocate Basketball Court by Pool
Expanded Practice Area
Extended Perimeter Access Drive
Renovated Andretta Pool House
Power for Food Trucks
Master Plan Site Work

How Soon Could Construction Begin?

To get things started Mayor Noble will soon request the Common Council for approval and if it is approved, construction could start in the last two construction seasons of 2022.

Dietz Stadium History

According to the City of Kingston, Dietz Stadium was originally founded by the Fairgrounds Company in 1921 as a baseball field. In 1937, a WPA project created a running track and football field. In 1954, the municipal stadium was renamed Dietz Memorial Stadium in honor of the late Sargent Robert H. Dietz, who was a World War II hero awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, a Kingston resident and Kingston High School graduate.

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