Police received a call involving a rescue recently, though the recipient in this case was not a human. Hudson Valley police say a deer got itself stuck in an iron gate and was in need of some assistance.

Deer do not hibernate during winter, instead increasing their calorie intake during the fall to add an extra layer of fat to stay warm. According to A-Z Animals, they don’t feel the cold from the snow. The deer even have muscles to help them adjust the fur on their bodies for maximum warmth.

Police in Westchester Rescue Trapped Deer 

Spring is that time of year when deer are looking for lower calorie food for extra energy, as they can be found feeding on a diet of grass, stems, leaves, twigs, and other plant life, according to A-Z Animals. Perhaps this poor deer was looking for a snack, or was just unlucky?

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The Bedford Police Department says they were called Sunday to a report of a deer who had gotten stuck between an iron gate. Police say the officer used equipment from the Emergency Services Unit, and with the help of the person who called in the report, the two were able to free the animal.

The Observer-Dispatch says there is an estimate of around 1.2 million deer overall in the entire state of New York.

Rare White Deer Spotted in New York State

WKBW says that one of these rare white deer was spotted back in November 2022 in Seneca. The West Seneca Police Department posted pics of the animal on their Facebook page, and speculated it could have been a Seneca white deer (a rare heard of white deer living within the old Seneca Army Depot).

Leucism is defined as a genetic mutation that causes the partial loss of all types of pigmentation, including carotenoids. The rare condition causes white coloration, patches, spots, or splotches on the skin or fur.

According to Free Range American, only around 1 in 25,000 deer are leucistic.

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