Police from the local area were able to persuade a suicidal man who claimed to have a number of guns in his apartment to surrender with what could have been deadly consequences.

Friday, Suffern Police received a call from a distraught man from the Berkeley Square apartments. Officials say the man was threatening to commit suicide and claimed he had guns in his apartment.

Authorities arrived on the scene and removed all other residents from the building. After contact could not be made with the suicidal man, police forced their way through the front door and a robot was used inside the apartment which relayed video out to a SWAT team.

In a Facebook post, Suffern Police Chief Osborn said the video showed the man was still alive and in possession of handguns. After hours of negotiations he surrendered at around 5:00 a.m., without incident.

The unnamed man was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

“I can't stress enough the excellent work done by our officers along with other responding agencies and our SWAT team,” Chief Osborn wrote.

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