If there is one thing I can say about the Hudson Valley it is that you can really find just about anything happening. If you enjoy breweries and wineries we have plenty. If you like yard sales and craft fairs, those are coming fast with the warmer weather.  We even have a few types of events I have never heard of but they sound like fun.

I have never actually been to a Plant and Seed and Mushroom swap, but doesn't it sound like something everyone could enjoy? The Hoot Owl Restuarant which is known for its yummy eclectic food and drink menu is also a place known for hosting original events. In the past, I have told you about their Owl events with Wild Mountain Birds. They actually have one booked on May 1st with Anne Mardiney of Wild Mountain Birds from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Plant and Seed and Mushroom Swap in Pine Bush, New York

Freshly dug onion bulbs on the ground

But back to May 15th, 2022 at the Hoot Owl Restuarant, they will be holding their annual Plant and Seed and Mushroom Swap that day from 4 PM to 6 PM. Not only will you get to come to an unusual swap meet (that really isn't that far-fetched after all we are enjoying gardening again these days) but while you are there, you can have yourself a tasty dinner with a refreshing crafted cocktail.

Time to get back to the garden! We are hosting a free seed and plant swap. We will be giving away some edible and herbal plants... plus some mushroom spawn! Bring your extra seeds, bulbs, and starts for flowers, herbs, and edibles to give away to strangers and neighbors. (Hoot Owl Restaurant via Facebook)

If you haven't been to the Hoot Owl before it is located at 26 Awosting Road in Pine Bush and the Owls at the Hoot Owl event may be a good way to check it out before you head to the Plant and Seed and Mushroom Swap on May 15, 2022.

Hudson Valley New York Bars with Good Food

Hudson Valley Restaurants Where You'll Enjoy Eating at the Bar

Chances are your favorite Hudson Valley Restaurant has an awesome bar. Next time you are at your favorite lunch or dinner spot consider a seat at the bar for your meal. I tried it once because the dining room was booked and now the restaurant bar for food and drinks is sometimes my preferred choice. Here a some of the ones I have discovered that you can enjoy.

Fruit and Veggies in Season in April in New York

April Veggies

These may not be on the top of your list of favorite vegetables but honestly salt and pepper with a little bit of butter or olive oil could change you mind. April is truly the spring veggie month and most everything on the list of what is in season is on most peoples yuck list. However prepared right they might become your favorite.

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