Lots of things are celebrated with festivals in the Hudson Valley. We have cider fests, and cupcake fests, even bicycle fests but I can't remember us ever having a fest for a flower until the Sunflower.

Lots of places celebrate roses, daffodils, and tulips but it seems that Sunflowers are the flower we celebrate in the Hudson Valley. We are actually in sunflower season right now but due to the weird summer weather, they are a few weeks behind. However, if you drive on Route 299 n New Paltz past Wallkill View Farm you will see their sunflowers starting to pop.

Where to FInd Sunflowers in the Hudson Valley

PC: Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash
PC: Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

Kelder Farm has their Sunflower Extravaganza going on this weekend (August 6th, 2022) and Barton Orchards has the Sunflower weekend happening this weekend and next week too. (August 12,13 and 14). Some other places will be dedicating weekends to the sunflower as well. If you miss the events you can always stop at a local farm market chances are they will have some cut and ready to take home. So what is it about this flower that draws people in?

First, off they are fun to grow. You simply place the seeds in the ground and they will grow. They are very hardy. Depending on what variety you plant you could almost build a whole fence with them. I like to grow the smaller variety but the larger ones are pretty cool as well. They are the ones you want to grow if you want to harvest the seeds to eat.

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Second, having sunflowers in your yard really adds fun to your garden at a time when other flowers have passed their season. Their bright yellow color and their height add whimsey to the yard. They also attract birds and other little fun critters like chipmunks who will enjoy the seeds as a snack. Leaving a sunflower head in your yard is like creating a nature buffet.

These are some of the Hudson Valley's Favorite Summer Flowers

Hudson Valley Summer Flowers

Summer is the perfect time to keep fresh flowers around your home or office. Luckily here in the Hudson Valley we have access to some pretty amazing summer flowers. You can grow your own, visit a favorite florist or stop by a local farm stand for an amazing selection to make your bouquet.

Hudson Valley Farm Markets

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