Parents of unvaccinated children held a rally at a popular Hudson Valley mall.

Many anti-vaxx parents are upset with a new policy in Rockland County. This week, Rockland County declared a state of emergency and banned anyone who is under 18 years of age and unvaccinated against the measles from public places.

On Thursday, several parents held a rally at the Palisades Mall protesting the ban. The protesters wore T-shirts that read, "My religion, my family, my choice," and "Research before vaccinating," ABC reports.

"You're forcing on healthy people, you're mandating on healthy people something that has no liability," one protester told ABC. "You can't sue the manufacturer, and it is untested with a placebo, and there is a long list of serious side effects."

Some protesters said the ban goes against their civil or religious rights, while others believe the media doesn't report the facts when it comes to the dangers of the vaccine, WPIX reports.

"My son got the measles from the MMR vaccine," a parent told WPIX. "The media has spun this every single time as crazy moms."

Rockland County Executive Ed Day declared the countywide State of Emergency relating to the ongoing measles outbreak. Rockland County health officials report 156 confirmed cases of measles in the area since October.

"More work must be done to educate those who have been misled by junk science and misinformation," Day said, according to ABC.

It's unclear how many protesters showed up, but the Facebook event for the protest had over 70 responses, according to WCBS 880.

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