A nearly 100-year-old Upstate New York eatery was just named one of the "best" in America.

Jumpin' Jack's Drive-In opened up in Scotia, New York in 1952.

Iconic Upstate New York Drive-In Among Best In The Country


The historic 72-year-old eatery was just named by Taste Of Home Magazine as one of the 20 best drive-is in all of the United States.

"Jumpin’ Jacks is famous for its cheap eats and classic fare, like burgers, dogs and fried dough," Taste Of Home Magazine states about Jumpin' Jack's Drive-In.

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The Upstate New York drive-in was the only drive-in from New York State to make the least.

More About New York State's Best Drive-In


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Some Say It's Overrated

Despite being named one of America's best drive-ins, Upstate New York residents disagreed.


The Around Schenectady Instagram page shared the news about Jumpin' Jacks. The top comment calls the eatery the "most overrated food establishment in the Capital Region.

Others agreed, one person said the food was "ok" while another said the "hype is completely lost on me."

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However, other commenters expressed their love for this iconic business. And it is social media, the place where people are 100 times more likely to complain than compliment.


If you've tried Jumpin' Jacks, what do you think? Have you tried any of these other Upstate New York food items you can't find anywhere else?

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