Happy Anniversary!

We've talked many times about how many great things happen across the Hudson Valley all the time, it's one of the many reasons I love living here!!! We are surrounded by people, that if asked, usually step up and help all the time, no matter what the issue is and when we can celebrate some good in the area, we have to do it.

So let's celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Orange County chapter of "Project Linus". Which according to the Times Herald Record, is named after the popular Peanuts comic character whos always got his blanket with him for security and sanctuary, provides homemade blankets for seriously ill children, kids who might have suffered some sort of trauma or just simply need to be wrapped in warmth.

Since its first deliveries back in 2001 to the Pediatric Unit of Horton Hospital in Middletown, the Orange County chapter founder Julia Sullivan said, they've delivered over 46,858 blankets to kids in need.

Where do the blankets come from? Sullivan said that the blankets are all collected by donations locally, with some donations coming from kids that have received blankets in the past from Project Linus. Once they collect the donations, volunteers then sew labels on to each donated blanket and then they are distributed to children in hospitals and shelters in Orange County. Sullivan said, "basically anywhere that a child might need a big hug."

Happy anniversary to a great charity and keep up the great work!

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