Six hungry bears were spotted looking for food near Hudson Valley homes. Here are tips on how to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

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Bears are waking up from hibernation and are in search of food. Patty Kiersten was hoping to get a picture of a fox when she was shocked to spot six bears next to a bird feeder.

"Oh Boy.....Take the Bird Feeders down...Before the Bears do! Hoping to get a picture of the visiting Fox on the Trail Cam....Instead, 5 Yearlings and a Sow. 3/18/2021 Black Dirt area of Goshen,NY," Kiersten wrote while sharing photos.

Kiersten says the photos were taken early Thursday in the Black Dirt Region of Goshen. Check out the photos of the bears. Below the photos are tips on how to make sure this doesn't happen near your home.

6 Hungry Bears Spotted Next to Hudson Valley Home

Hudson Valley Post has reported on a number of bear sightings. One ran through the backyard of a Hudson Valley home while a woman was grilling dinner; multiple bears were spotted in a Dutchess County woman's backyard; another bear was filmed running across yards in Beacon; while another was spotted near a playground in Ulster County; and a cub forced roads to be closed during rush hour in Poughkeepsie.

When bears have access to human foods, it encourages behaviors that can put bears at risk. While bears can be intimidating, they generally try to avoid getting into conflicts with people, officials say.

The DEC released the following steps to avoid conflicts with bears:

Around Dwellings

    • Remove all bird feeders;
    • Keep garbage, grills, pet food, and bird seed inside a solid, secure structure (house, shed, garage, etc.);
    • If grills cannot be secured, move grills away from houses and remove grease traps after each use;
    • Put garbage on the curb the morning of collection, not the night before, and use bear-resistant trash containers; and
    • Close garage doors and ground-floor windows/doors at night.

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