The New York State Police are asking for the public's help. No, they don't need help looking for more information regarding a crime or a missing person. This time they need a little help locating their equipment.

When we see stories when police are asking for the public's help, we like to share the information because lives are at risk. This situation is no different, albeit a little unheard of, but if this piece of equipment gets into the wrong hands it could turn into something dangerous.

CBS6 Albany is reporting that the State Police have "lost track" of one of their rifles.

If you happen to see a "Rock River AR-15 rifle serial# CM203155 with optic # K3319796" that was in a black nylon bag, that belongs to the New York State Police in the Chestertown area.

According to CBS 6,  the New York State Police aren't sharing information regarding how the rifle went missing, but there is an ongoing investigation.

However, police are saying the rifle was last seen on March 16th "along state Route 9 in the vicinity of Riverside Drive in the town of Chestertown."

If you have any information regarding the rifle, New York State Police ask that you call them at (518)-583-7000.

We know Chestertown is a little way out of our Hudson Valley bubble, but whatever we could do to help the New York State Police.

In lighter, Hudson Valley, news a New York State Trooper saved an injured bald eagle on the side of the road in Middletown earlier this week.


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