Officials inspecting heavy-duty diesel trucks issued over 60 tickets and took a number of trucks off the road.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed that over 60 tickets were issued to truck drivers in New York State.

Truck Inspections In Bronx and Westchester Counties


The DEC conducted many heavy-duty diesel truck inspections in Bronx and Westchester counties. Officials issued many tickets and took some trucks off the road.

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12 Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks Ticketed In Bronx County, New York

ECOs Keegan, Kortz, Parmelee, and Swart assisted the New York State Department of Transportation with a routine heavy-duty diesel truck inspection in Bronx County. The group inspected vehicles for compliance with safety, environmental regulations, and paperwork.

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Officers observed 12 violations, the DEC didn't release details about any of the alleged violations.

One truck was taken off the road due to safety violations.

49 Tickets Issued in Westchester County, New York

In Westchester County, ECOs Tompkins, Swansen, Franz, and Schuck conducted several commercial vehicle enforcement details.


This resulted in officials issuing 49 tickets. Tickets were issued across Westchester County for violations related to expired emissions inspections, waste transport violations, leaking leachate, and oil on roadways, as well as associated vehicle and traffic law violations, according to the DEC.

Garbage Truck Taken Off Road In Tarrytown, New York

A garbage truck was taken out of service in the village of Tarrytown.


The sanitation truck was allegedly operating with expired vehicle and safety inspections and was severely rusted in multiple locations on the bed lining, "releasing garbage leachate to the streets."

"Sanitary landfill leachate is a strongly polluted wastewater with a variety of components," according to Science Direct.

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Officers also charged the sanitation company with operating a heavy-duty diesel vehicle without the proper inspections and depositing a noisome/unwholesome substance on a public highway, a misdemeanor.

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