A home in the Hudson Valley exploded shortly after a family moved into the home!

The scary situation unfolded late Saturday night in Sullivan County

Home Explodes In Sullivan County, New York

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Massive Home Explosion In Monticello, New York

A family moves into their new home in Monticello only to have it explode a few hours later. Fire officials in Sullivan County say the Two Emily Street blast happened Saturday night at around eleven o'clock and was caused by a leaky gas line. The house is still standing although it's not clear if it can be repaired. Meantime,

Family members said they smelled gas or propane just before the huge explosion from the home's foundation ripped through the house.


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Nine people and two pets managed to get out safely but one person was taken to the hospital with burns. Firefighters say a man was badly burned in the basement. The rest of the home escaped with no injuries, officials say.

Firefighters confirmed the house is heated by propane and two propane tanks were found in the back of the house.

The home is still standing but major damage inside the home includes blown-out windows as well as collapsed walls and collapsed ceilings.

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Red Cross Helping Family

Illustration of doctor's bag

The family's belongings were buried underneath the debris and the house has been condemned. The home will be torn down.

The Red Cross is helping the family find another place to live.

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