Airports security and customs agents always have to be on the lookout. You'll find everything from drugs, weapons, counterfeit bills, and other assorted contraband during any given week. And the amount of contraband they find can be potentially greater with so many people traveling around the holidays.

Sometimes you'll find birds. Sometimes you'll even find a cat. How about a gun inside a bird?  

Did a Ninja Try to Board a Flight Out of NY?

TSA spokesperson says they caught a passenger trying to bring a whole plethora of assorted items on a flight out of LaGuardia Sunday. The Transportation Security Administration even admonished the passenger over social media, giving this person a "lump of coal". What was in the passenger's carry-on bag?

But are the, nunchucks, saw blades, switchblade etc. necessarily illegal? The TSA told CNN that they while they were not allowed in cary-on bags, they are allowed in checked luggage.

Cat in Luggage 

Guess the cat's out of the bag. Literally. Just back in November, Fox Business reports that a TSA officer found a live cat in someone's luggage at JFK Airport. The officer said they discovered the stowaway feline while scanning bags at the airport.

A TSA spokesperson said that the person told them that the cat belonged to someone else in their household. CNN says the cat sneaked into the suitcase unnoticed, but was not harmed. The TSA said the cat named Smells enjoyed Thanksgiving at home in Brooklyn.

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