New York officials shared shocking gun violence numbers for the Hudson Valley and New York State.

This week, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced an additional $50 million in state funding that is expected to help increase public safety in the Empire State.

Gov. Hochul Announces New Investments To Increase Public Safety

"My administration is wholly committed to providing the tools our partners in law enforcement need, including the largest state public safety investment in a generation: $227 million," Hochul said. "Today, I'm proud to announce $50 million in public safety funding, which will help ensure all facets of the criminal justice system have the tools and resources needed to keep New Yorkers safe. New York is taking a comprehensive approach to public safety, and by investing in our law enforcement agencies, court systems, and beyond, we are untangling and supporting our public safety ecosystem to ensure that we not only reduce crime but prevent it."

New York Governor Hochul Discusses Monkeypox Breakout
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Local police departments will receive $30 million which will go towards new technologies and body-worn cameras.

About $20 million will be used to support pre-trial services in all counties outside of New York City. Hochul expects this will help return more people to court by providing them with services and supervision.

Drastic Drop In Gun Violence Across New York State

Gov. Hochul was also proud to announce gun violence in New York State and the Hudson Valley has drastically dropped.

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"Governor Hochul has worked tirelessly to ensure that my agency and by extension, the police departments, sheriffs' offices, probation departments, prosecutors, and community-based organizations that my agency supports have the resources and funding necessary to do their important work. This significant investment of State funding will help our local partners work more efficiently and effectively and provide critical resources to ensure that individuals who are justice involved receive the services they need, which will improve public safety for all New Yorkers," New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Commissioner Rossana Rosado said.

Hochul is proud of these accomplishments but believes this is only the start, adding She believes there's more to do.

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