New York State could get a second wave of smog as Canadian wildfires rage on.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is warning New Yorkers to expect poor air quality.

Governor Hochul Updates New Yorkers On Statewide Air Quality For Friday

Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Blows South Creating Hazy Conditions On Large Swath Of Eastern U.S.
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Wildfire smoke is once again blanketing the Upper Midwest in the United States and it's expected to head East

"While we continue to monitor air quality and our brave Forest Rangers assist with wildfire suppression efforts in Quebec, smoke from the Canadian wildfires is expected to impact air quality across the state (Friday)," Governor Hochul said on Thursday.

This week, the wildfires in Canada resulted in record levels of air contamination in parts of Minnesota. The air quality index reached level never seen since records have been kept, officials say.

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That smoke is expected to reach New York State on Friday.

Poor Air Quality Expected In New York State

Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Blows South Creating Hazy Conditions On Large Swath Of Eastern U.S.
Getty Images

The good news for Empire State residents, while the air quality may get worse on Friday, it's not expected to be nearly as bad as last week.

"Levels are expected to be far below what we experienced last week, but I encourage all New Yorkers to remain vigilant. If you are in a vulnerable group, please monitor the latest information and take steps to protect yourself," Hochul added.

Last week, parts of New York State dealt with what some called an "apocalyptic orange sky."

Air Quality Update For Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island, Eastern Lake Ontario, Adirondacks, Central New York, Western New York


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It's recommended to take precautions if the Air Quality Index reaches 100 or above.

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