A 24-hour manhunt in Wayne and Ontario counties ended with the arrest of a 28-year-old suspect who is accused of robbing a 7-Eleven in Phelps, NY. Deputies said the suspect robbed the store early Tuesday morning with what they thought was a high-capacity weapon. Police later said it turned out to be an Airsoft gun.

WHAM reports that police received a tip that the suspect was spotted in a vehicle with another person. When police attempted to stop the vehicle both the suspect and the other individual fled on foot.

A Sheriff would not comment if the suspect had a past criminal record though he did say that he was "known to law enforcement". Law enforcement also said that the suspect had posted several videos to social media that had caused concern.

The suspect had been previously featured in a report on Channel 10 in Providence, Rhode Island where he can be seen spray painting his pickup truck with "Area 51", a homage to the semi-serious social media event where thousands said they would descend upon the  Air Force facility outside of Rachel, Nevada in September.

Some conspiracy theorists have claimed for years that top-secret information and technology, including those of extraterrestrial origins, are housed in the facility.

Some of the suspect's posts concerning the matter had taken off on social media. According to WHAM, the suspect said in court he even wanted to have his social media content monetized.

It appears that his shenanigans may not be over. WHAM reporters said they overheard him saying, as he left the court,  "Stay tuned: The show's not over!".

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