For the first time ever, you can find "award-winning" BBQ and wings sauces at a number of supermarkets across New York State.

A spokesperson for Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque reached out to let us know the company just introduced their award-winning Barbeque and Wing Sauces to stores in New York

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque Available At Stop & Shop Locations In Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City


Mighty Quinn’s BBQ sauce and wing sauce are now available at 95 Stop & Shop locations across New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley.

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"We are thrilled to work with Stop & Shop and introduce our award-winning sauces to their customers," said Micha Magid, Co-CEO of Mighty Quinn's Barbeque. "Our commitment to quality and clean ingredients shines through in every bottle, and we can't wait for people to enjoy these exceptional flavors.”

The sauces combine Carolina vinegar traditions with Texas smokiness, delivering unparalleled flavors, according to company officials.

"Crafted with the finest ingredients, the Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque sauce combines the vinegar-based traditions of the Carolinas with the smoky richness of Texas, creating a tangy and savory flavor profile that perfectly complements smoked meats," Mighty Quinn’s states. "Likewise, the brand’s Wing Sauce strikes a delightful balance of heat and flavor, incorporating lime, and a hint of honey for an unforgettable taste experience."

Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce
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Both sauces are gluten-free, preservative-free and contain no artificial ingredients.

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The sauces are fresh from a spotlight at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Mighty Quinn’s sauce was featured and awarded at the Summer Fancy Food Show which is the largest Business-to-Business specialty food industry event in North America.


"New and loyal fans can now experience the exceptional tastes of Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque in the comfort of their own home," Mighty Quinn's adds.

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Mighty Quinn’s believes winning a Summer Fancy Food Show award is "the ultimate stamp of approval."

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