A Hudson Valley man was sentenced after he confessed to killing a young father and shooting a five-year-old.

On Wednesday, Orange County County District Attorney David M. Hoovler announced that 29-year-old Lamont Williams of Newburgh, New York was sentenced in Orange County Court for shooting a child and killing a father.

Newburgh Man Murdered, 5-Year-Old Also Shot

On Sept. 29, 2022 29-year-old Daquan Corbett was fatally shot near Washington Street in the City of Newburgh. A 5-year-old boy sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the gunfire.

Police were alerted to gunshots by a SHOTSPOTTER activation in the area of the 100 block of Washington Street. Arriving officers found two victims suffering from gunshot wounds.

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Arrest Made In Connection Of Murder Of Orange County, New York Man

Williams was arrested just before Thanksgiving after a nearly two-month-long investigation by City of Newburgh Police Detectives and partnering agencies. Williams was tracked to North Carolina and taken into custody by the United States Marshal Service Regional Task Force.

Rockland Video
Rockland Video

Guilty Plea In Orange County, New York Court

In April 2023, Williams pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault.

Williams confessed to possessing a loaded gun and using it to shoot two people, the 29-year-old Newburgh resident and the 5-year-old boy. Williams admitted to killing the man and injuring the boy.

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Sentencing In Newburgh Fatal Shooting

On Wednesday, Williams was sentenced to 25 years in prison followed by 5 years of post-release supervision.


“The significant sentence imposed underscores the tragic consequences of this defendant’s violent actions,” District Attorney David M. Hoovler stated in a press release. “Justice in this case was achieved by the joint and coordinated efforts between the police and prosecutors. In particular, the hard-working detectives from the City of Newburgh Police Department pursued this violent offender until he was in custody. I extend my condolences to the families of the victims in this case."

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