There's a lot to take in with this headline. Police say that a New York state man drove a vehicle, that was reported stolen, to court Tuesday morning. Huh? Now, if you thought that this suspect had already made a few poor decisions, well, keep reading. WNYT is reporting that the very same man ended up being found by authorities after they tracked him with the ankle monitoring bracelet he was wearing. Guess he wasn't able to find anyone to offer him a ride that day?

WNYT is saying that there had been a number of car thefts in East Greenbush that were reported Sunday night, and continued through Tuesday morning. Police are saying that the suspect drove one of those stolen vehicles to the Troy City Court. WNYT says that the ankle bracelet was part of the man's release on an unrelated charge. Now, it looks like he's even more trouble.

There's been a series of bizarre crime-related stories across the state recently. One New York state man, accused of of first degree murder, recently attempted to convince a judge that the real suspect in question is his identical twin brother. Another man even stands accused of driving drunk to a DWI Impact meeting. The Chautauqua County Sheriff says that the suspect was charged with DWI on his way to the meeting which took place in Ashville, NY. Doh!

In one rather unbelievable story closer to home, a Hudson Valley man was actually arrested three times in one day. Officials say the man even managed to get arrested twice by the same state trooper that day. You could say, hit the threepeat.

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