A New York hunter is accused of trespassing on Hudson Valley property and illegally killing a deer with a crossbow and ATV.

On Wednesday, The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) Division of Law Enforcement released its Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol.

In this week's report, The DEC reported New York businesses were ticketed for selling "highly invasive species," an Ulster County resident was ticketed for killing a deer on his property while a Sullivan County hunter was also ticketed for illegally taking a deer.

Illegal Deer Take From ATV in Sullivan County, New York


On Nov. 7, ECOs Wood and Doroski responded to a complaint about someone shooting a deer from an ATV in the town of Thompson.

During the investigation, the officers found a number of pools of fresh blood and a crossbow bolt. It's believed the hunter illegally used a crossbow to kill the deer, officials say.

Officers also received information about where the deer was moved after being shot, officials say.

Deer Illegally Hunted With Crossbow in Sullivan County

Deer Crossing Road,washington state

At that location, officers found a fresh gut pile and the hunter who allegedly killed the deer.

The hunter confessed to shooting the 10-point buck with a crossbow while trespassing on the property, officials say.

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"The crossbow used to shoot the deer is illegal because it does not meet specifications for crossbow hunting in New York," the DEC states.



The Officers confiscated the deer and ticketed the hunter for the illegal take of deer, trespassing, and using a crossbow not lawful for hunting.

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