In an effort to battle climate change, New York State is pursuing its own legislation. reports that Democratic lawmakers in New York State are pushing their own version of the Green New Deal in the sate. The bill aims to reduce emissions and hold the state accountable if it fails to meet the emission reduction targets. The bill would also allow lawsuits if the state fails to meet targets.

The goal is to slash emissions by 40% by 2030 and as much as 85% by 2050, according to Hopefully, any remaining emissions would be canceled out by renewable energy production. In turn, this would make New York State carbon neutral. Under this bill, all energy generated would have to be from renewable sources by 2040. New York would also be required to publish an annual greenhouse gas inventory every four years. 35% of revenue from renewable energy would go to support disadvantaged communities. Disadvantaged communities often have higher levels of pollutants.

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