Police say a New York state man is facing charges after a Saturday morning crash that left two passengers injured.

Witnesses say the vehicle the suspect was allegedly operating was traveling at a high rate of speed through a mobile home park when the crash occurred. And according to officials, the suspect was driving with a revoked license for a previous Driving While Ability Impaired by alcohol conviction.

According to Moneygeek, 61% of drunk driving-related fatalities happen on the weekends (Friday through Sunday).

CBS says a 19-year-old man from Coeymans crashed the Nissan 350Z at the Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park Saturday morning. According to the sheriff's office, the driver was located near the crash scene and showed signs of intoxication. CBS says an investigation and testing determined that the man had been driving with a 0.22% blood alcohol content, which is nearly three times the state's legal limit.

Police say the suspect is facing numerous charges, including felonies.

Woman Busted on Thruway

Here is yet another story concerning a person who should not be behind the wheel. And what is startling about this case of alleged drunk driving is that the suspect was pulled over late one morning in September. Were they still that drunk from the night before, or did they wake up early and start hitting the bottle at breakfast?

Drunk in the Morning

Police say a 56-year-old New York state woman was pulled over at the New York State Thruway toll entrance around 11 AM. What started as a routine traffic stop turned into much more, as troopers say they believed the woman was driving while intoxicated.


WKTV says the Utica woman was arrested and brought to the police station where her BAC was found to be .25%, which is over three times the state's legal limit.

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According to the data on the effects of alcohol from the McDonald Center, a BAC level of .25% to .399% can lead to alcohol poisoning and loss of consciousness.

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