As New York schools continue to deal with many threats, lawmakers signed a new bill that will "ensure safe schools."

On the same day that more than 10 school districts "received disturbing 'swatting' threats," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the “Safe Schools by Design Act.”

NY Gov. Office
NY Gov. Office

“A safe school environment is an essential component to providing the best education for our students,” Hochul said. “This legislation highlights our commitment to our students and educators by ensuring that health and safety are considered at the outset of all school construction projects.”

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“Safe Schools by Design Act" Signed In New York

The new act requires all school districts to consider including design principles that will provide a safe, secure, and healthy school environment, officials say.

“New York’s schools must provide students and staff with safe, secure environments. We also know that students thrive in well-designed environments that encourage them to explore and learn rather than feeling confined. Smart design principles can achieve both goals, ensuring students are in safe, comfortable, and nourishing environments," State Senator Rachel May said.


The legislation also expands eligible expenses for Extended Day and School Violence Prevention Grants to include programs that encourage and promote community involvement in school facility planning.

"The Safe Schools by Design Act addresses all points by asking school districts to consider modern safety and security features while planning school design," May said.

Ways To Create Safe Schools Without Bars, Metal Detectors


New York lawmakers say there are better ways to create safe schools besides putting bars on windows and metal detectors.



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The new law amends the education law by requiring that school districts consider the incorporation of new design principles and strategies to keep schools safe.

“There are ways to create safe school facilities for kids without putting bars on windows and metal detectors at entrances. The Safe Schools by Design Act takes a different approach to safety by focusing on the design of a building," Assemblymember Amy Paulin stated.

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