Experts are warning New Yorkers to never leave these items in their wallets, purses or vehicles.

With theft on the rise across New York State, experts recommend never leaving these items in your wallet, purse or car.

Experts Warn You to NOT CARRY These 7 Items in Your Wallet In New York

Experts Warn You to NOT CARRY These 7 Items in Your Wallet

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Don't Store Your Passport Either


Other items you should never keep in your wallet, purse, or car is your Passport, Passport ID Card or Global Entry Card.

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Keep these items in a safe place in your home and only carry them around when you need them.

Never Keep Social Security Card In Your Wallet


In December, Hudson Valley Post contributor, Boris, the host of the Boris and Robyn Show on WPDH, was shocked to learn that many listeners called in and said the oldest item in their wallet is their social security card.

This isn't a smart idea because all a scammer needs is your nine-digit social security number to steal your identity.

A recent study ranked New York as one of the states with the most identity theft and fraud cases.

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Like your passport, your social security card should be in a lock box, safe, safe deposit box, or safe place in your home.

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Only take it out of your home on rare occasions when you need it and then promptly put it back into its safe spot.

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