Hudson Valley residents say it really stinks living next to a porta-potty business.

Residents in Rockland County have reached "their breaking point" with the handling of a "disgusting situation" involving the handling of porta-potties at a location "right near their homes," according to Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

The residents live in West Haverstraw next to John to Go, a company which specializes in porta-potties and restroom rentals. The company is accused of breaking the rules and dumping human waste on its property, instead of the sites where it's being rented, which is causing a terrible smell.

Neighbors tell ABC, the smell of rotting human waste is so bad, they can't keep their windows open to enjoy the summertime air.

"A horrible stench almost every single day, we wake up with it, you go to sleep with it," Helene Nemeth told ABC, who added the smell gives her migraines.

Lainie Helaine reached out to Rockland County Executive Ed Day over the weekend. Following an investigation, the Rockland County Health Department issued John To Go with several sanitary code violations that could warrant fines of $2,000 per violation per day if not corrected.

"We will work with the (Village of West Haverstraw) mayor (Robert D'Amelio) and his team to help correct this situation as soon as possible. Hopefully, the court will take strong action immediately as that route is the most effective right now," Day said on Facebook.

John To Go is also facing violations for noise and improper storage, ABC reports.

The company's owner denies the allegations. He told ABC the porta-potties are not emptied on his property but they are cleaned there.

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