Why not stand out this year with your Halloween decorations, right?

Most of the houses on the street have pumpkins sitting on the front steps, or in the windows, with assorted designs on them.

  • The standard jack-o-lantern.
  • Crazy complicated and intricate designs (either by stencil or from someone who has too much time on their hands?)
  • Stickers or paint (this is my speed).

Well, enter pineapple to the fall festivities.  Not only does it take your decoration game to the next level, but it looks a little scarier when carved and lit up, not to mention it probably smells a bit better as well.

A recent article by twentyonewords shows some examples of carved pineapple creations, and highlights some of the good, bad, and scary when it comes to carving for Halloween, including the point that although you CAN'T carve a pineapple and wear it on your head like you can with a pumpkin, you CAN carve it and use the insides to make a pina colada - score.

The article also points out the following about pineapple carving:

1.) They look scarier
2.) They’re much cooler
3.) You can eat the inside instead of throwing it away
4.) It doesn’t smell horrible
5.) Spongebob lives in one

What do you think, will the pumpkin be pushed aside for a pineapple carving party or what?

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